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Start Here: Self-Empowerment Action Guide

This is the outline guide that will take you through the suggested steps in the order that I recommend.

How To Think Positive: Get Out of The Hole of Negative Thinking” eBook

This is My own personal guide from real life experience.

How To Think Positive: The Law of Attraction, A Quick Guide to Your Hidden Manifesting Power eBook

The second guide from real life experience and extensive hours of research and wisdom-gaining, only giving you the valuable most relevant knowledge from my point of view.

Bonus eBook #1 The Science of Getting Rich

The very first book I read that started to ignite hope from a financial and personal stand point.

Bonus eBook #2 Think and Grow Rich

The second book I read as I started to get inspired to further develop my new ideas and keep the curiosity of new discoveries going.

Bonus eBook #3 The Way of Peace

This is an invaluable book I read which helped me anytime I was feeling angry, it slowly allowed my negative feelings to fade and reinforce the new path I had chosen.

Releasing Old Attachments Technique

Through much research, this technique is by far the best one I have found. Until now, I haven’t found anything easier and faster than this.

Rewire Your Thinking to Tip The Scale

Some of my initial actions and ideas that started to change my mindset, creating new habits, beliefs and ultimately started to change my paradigm.

Final Thoughts

Some closing comments for this package I have put together for you.

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